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'Modulus' is a team that lives and breathes the ideology - 'the best way to predict the future, is to make it'. With the emerging technologies and advancement to an era of digitization, we entered into the online education space with a wholesome experience of understanding the demand and supply and consulting organizations with their manpower planning. With a placement record of ~97% with an efficient team of experts, we have now joined hands with the industry experts to mentor and renowned universities for dedicated learning programs; to not only build the development centers for our partner companies but also, individually focus on the large learners pool to build career-focused candidates.

The Mantra of Modulus is 'Enrol - Enhance - Excel'. It all initiates with the 'intent' followed by intensive 'preparation' leading to 'excellence'. 

Modulus inspires to be the force that remains constant in each students' life, profusely inspiring them to strive and stay focussed on the bigger picture. The team of Modulus is mindful of going the extra mile to impact a career and touch people's lives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a bridge between the learning and learners.              

Our Mission 

Our Mission is to ensure ease of learning and guidance to the learner and accelerate the right fitment of trained candidates to the corporates

Our Process


This is the easy part, just get in touch with us and get yourself enrolled in the most dynamic programs and become a part of the most rapidly evolving community. 



No gain without pain, Enhancing your skills requires 100% dedication from you. Your analytical skills, Problem solving skills, Dedication & Commitment to learn are the only prerequisites for this program.


Now is the time to showoff your newly acquired skills to the world by landing your dream job. With over 130+ partners, you will get the opportunities eluded to most.

Meet Our Leadership Team and Mentors

Highly qualified facilitators with valuable hands-on corporate work experience to draw upon. Our team includes several former CxOs and has conducted thousands of programs designed to meet many different challenges for a diverse set of organizations.


Shobhit Gupta
Chief Mentor
Consultant, Coach, and Facilitator

Rohini Jain
Consultant,Coach, and Facilitator

Anchal Bansal
Coach and Facilitator


Highly specialized training professionals

  • The world class certifications of our team ensure the highest standards of training:
    • Inspiring facilitators
    • Executive Coaching
    • Gold-standard certifications
    • Class leading training sessions

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