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With over twenty years of business and consulting experience, Consenrich Consulting focuses on the impact of leadership on business performance, organization building and the management of talent. Our team members have worked as leadership consultants across global search firms and worked as senior partners in several notable consulting firms across the world.

While in Leadership Consulting, the team has already consulted a range of blue-chip clients; multinational companies and businesses across various industries. We have successfully conducted organization and business impacting behavioral interventions spanning the top tier of leadership and helped to cascade these across the organization. Some of the key areas of Institutional building that we specialize in are around creating a robust leadership pipeline, succession planning, leadership talent benchmarking, all leading to impact performance and drive organizational excellence.


Our Mission

Modulus is an ed-tech company that offers programs in career critical competencies such as Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Full Stack Development and more.
Our programs are taken by thousands of professionals globally who build competencies in these emerging areas to secure and grow their careers. At Modulus, our focus is on creating industry relevant programs and crafting learning experiences that help candidates learn, apply and demonstrate capabilities in areas that are driving the future.


Meet Our Leadership Team and Mentors

Highly qualified facilitators with valuable hands-on corporate work experience to draw upon. Our team includes several former CxOs and has conducted thousands of programs designed to meet many different challenges for a diverse set of organizations.


John Doe
Founder Director,
Chief Mentor
Consultant, Coach, and Facilitator

Jane Doe
Founder Director,
Chief Mentor
Consultant, Coach, and Facilitator

Michael Schpelt
Coach, and Facilitato

Leena Perry
Coach and Facilitator

Ranudu J
Coach and Facilitator

John Smith

Nick Houl

Nancy P

Highly specialized training professionals

  • The world class certifications of our team ensure the highest standards of training:
    • Inspiring facilitators
    • Executive Coaching
    • Gold-standard certifications
    • Class leading training sessions

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