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Diploma certification in Data Science 

12 months of extensive learning, covering all the concepts of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Advance concepts of Data Science

6 months of learning the foundations and advance concepts of Python, Statistics, Data Science and Machine Learning with Big Data

All our Programs include

Technical Mentor Support

Our Mentors remember how it was like starting out in their career. They will share their professional knowledge and expertise in the field. They will provide guidance and constructive feedback to their mentee. They illustrate how the field is growing and changing

What our Mentors will do for You

  • Take a long-range view of your growth and development.
  • Help you see the destination but does not give you a detailed map to get there.
  • Offer encouragement, but not "how-to" advice.                         

Live Industry Projects

Live projects are a platform for students and job seekers with which they can gain the actual corporate experience. The main motive of offering live projects is to get the best candidates for companies and best projects for the students. Getting practical knowledge of a particular stream is an added advantage for students who plan for jobs of their choice in the future.

Advantages of live projects :

  • Knowledge enhancer for different fields
  • Great opportunity for exposure
  • Live project creates a positive impact in eyes of organizations wordwide.

Personal career coach

Getting your dream job is just not a matter of having correct knowledge but also to understand the knowledge of skill sets and their practical applications. Our personal career coaches will help you understand their potential as per market scenario and guide you to better career. 

What our Mentors will do for You

  • Personalized attention
  • Soft-Skill Development
  • Interview Simulations

Over 5+ years of Recruitment Experience with 100+ Hiring Partners

With over 5 years operating as an Executive Hiring Firm, we have delivered 5000+ candidates to our 100+ corporate allies and hiring partners, We have  always ensured the quality of candidates for our partners while chosing the best fit for a candidates when building thier career. It’s not always the organization that decides your growth and success, it’s also the smart and hard work by our team in the background.

Our Team

With a blend of Exprience and youth, Modulus Team is a group of professionals ready to make this the best Platform for learners and employers. Our team is fully committed to make Modulus a one stop solution for those who wants to upskill and are looking forward to the next step in your career and for those who are looking to connect with highly trained and skilled professionals to take their organization to the next level. 


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